Advancing Technology Development

Sequencing associates Jonathan Erikson and Eveline Farias-Hesson and biomolecular engineer Nader Pourmand operate a DNA sequencer in the UCSC Genome Sequencing CenterThe center develops and supports communal research facilities that make cutting-edge technologies available to UCSC faculty, students, and research scientists. We facilitate collaborations, identify and offer funding opportunities, and administer programs and facilities that further biomedical and biomolocular technology.

The center maintains large-scale computing clusters and web servers that host the UCSC Genome Browser--an internal resource--and facilitates bioinformatics research. CBSE also works on behalf of our affiliates to secure new laboratories and facilities, including space in the campus's new Engineering 2 and Physical and Biological Sciences buildings and the planned biomedical research facility.

These represent a few of the many facilities and collaborative projects within CBSE:

UCSC Genome Sequencing Center

UCSC Institute for Biology of Stem Cells

UCSC Genome Browser

Adaptive optics microscope development

UCSC W.M. Keck Center for Adaptive Optical Microscopy

Optical wave guide technology combined with nanopore technology for DNA analysis


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