Stem Cell Research at UCSC

Stem cell research at UCSC focuses on the basic biological systems operating in the processes of self-renewal and differentiation of stem cells.

Stem cells hold great promise for curing or mitigating the effects of many diseases and injuries. But before a single clinical trial can commence, basic research must take place to uncover the pathways, mechanisms, and cellular effects of potential stem-cell-based cures. Basic research is also needed to overcome technological hurdles, such as how to ensure that stem cells work effectively when injected into a living organism. Investment in basic research of the kind done at the IBSC is an essential step toward stem-cell-based cures.

The Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering administers the UCSC Institute for the Biology of Stem Cells.

Research Stories

Microscopes borrow tricks from astronomy to see deep into living tissues

Novel technique reveals dynamics of telomere DNA structure

Stem cell discovery could lead to improved bone marrow transplants

$2.2 million grant approved for UCSC program to train stem cell scientists

Stem cell symposium showcases new facilities and research

State funds stem cell research facility at UC Santa Cruz


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