Molecular & Cellular Biology

Understanding biology at the molecular and cellular levels with an aim toward biomedical discovery and applications

Representative Projects

UCSC Splicing Microarray Database

Undergraduate Research Group: Genomic Splicing Studies

Structure and Function of the Vacuolar ATPase

Biological Morphogenesis Research

Genetic and Biochemical Research in Neuronal Function and Development

Cytoskeletal Dynamics and the Cell Cycle

Research Stories

Study reveals key step in protein synthesis

Novel technique reveals dynamics of telomere DNA structure

New brain connections form in clusters during learning

Biologist Amy Ralston wins Ellison Medical Foundation grant for stem cell research

Researchers trace effects of genetic defect in myotonic muscular dystrophy

AIDS vaccine hailed among "Best of 2009"

AIDS vaccine listed in Time Magazine's top ten of 2009 list

Four UCSC professors elected to American Academy of Arts & Science

Cholera bacteria show adaptability to changing environments

Hands-on research inspires freshman biology students

Study shows new brain connections form rapidly during motor learning

Study points to disruption of copper regulation as key to prion diseases

New data suggest "jumping genes" play a significant role in gene regulatory networks

Optical tweezers pick up the ribosome beat

Losses of long-established genes contribute to human evolution

Discovery of gene for black coat color in dogs has broad implications

Ancient retroviruses spurred evolution of gene regulatory networks in primates

Discovery of retinal cell type ends four-decade search

Agouti protein research offers clues to obesity, diabetes

RNA enzyme structure offers a glimpse into the origins of life

Neuroscientist Yi Zuo wins two new research awards

David Deamer explores origins of first living cell

UC Santa Cruz physicists tackle new challenges in neurobiology

A deeper look into the ribosome

Newly discovered gene may hold clues to evolution of human brain capacity

Insects that produce males from unfertilized eggs reveal a surprising cellular feat

Research by Sullivan uncovers modus operandi of parasitic bacterium in insects

Kellogg lab unveils complex mechanisms that control cell growth and division

Opening the way for nerve regeneration studies in worms

Antibiotic rifampin shows promise for fighting Parkinson's disease

Partnership to speed development of an 'artificial retina' to restore sight

New role for brain chemical found in mammary glands, with implications for breast cancer research

Environmental toxicology of trace metals

High-tech movies show vivid details of living cells

Research to focus on devices to aid stroke victims, blind

UCSC Facilities

Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Facility

Microarray Facility

Microscopy & Imaging Facility

Nanosecond Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility


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