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Methylating agents and the treatment of cancer

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Molecular Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics Facility

Research Stories

Major grant funds UCSC researchers using big data to predict cancer outcomes

Gene patent decision called step forward for open research

Genomics pioneers look to future, form global alliance for data sharing

Bacteria may protect against disease caused by stomach infection

Emerging vector-borne diseases create new public health challenges

BioMAP screening procedure could streamline search for new antibiotics

Lead's everlasting legacy

UCSC chemist develops spray to detect poison oak's toxic oil

Light-induced delivery of nitric oxide eradicates drug-resistant bacteria

Vaccine expert Phillip Berman named finalist for Health Care Heroes Award

QB3 fellowship furthers research on hollow gold nanospheres for cancer treatment

Gilead grant supports collaborative drug discovery program with UCSC

$2 million NIH grant funds research on climate change and mosquito-borne disease

Health sciences major awarded Sutter scholarship for medical school

Health sciences student wins $10,000 award to support her work in Nigeria

Health sciences grad awarded Sutter scholarship for medical school

AIDS vaccine hailed among "Best of 2009"

Copper could be the culprit in brain disease

AIDS vaccine listed in Time Magazine's top ten of 2009 list

UCSC philosophy students win regionals in national 'Ethics Bowl' competition"

AIDS vaccine expert encouraged by promising results from clinical trial

$3.5 million NIH grant supports AIDS vaccine research at UC Santa Cruz

Artificial retina project wins R&D 100 Award

Novel light-sensitive compounds show promise for cancer therapy

Haussler and Stuart part of breast cancer "Dream Team"

Study points to disruption of copper regulation as key to prion diseases

Cancer Genomics Browser gives cancer researchers a powerful new tool

Hollow gold nanospheres show promise for biomedical and other applications

Findings in marine mammals may hold clues for human brain health

Researchers cite limitations of genetic ancestry tests, urge consumer caution

Anthropologist Nathaniel Dominy wins prestigious $625,000 Packard Fellowship

Extra gene copies were enough to make early humans' mouths water

Infectious disease expert to discuss deadly epidemics in public lecture at UCSC on Tuesday, May 22

Agouti protein research offers clues to obesity, diabetes

Computer algorithms for physicians promise better newborn bed-side care

Bacterial infection linked to ulcers and stomach cancer

Cholera research focuses on biofilm formation

Detecting depleted uranium in Gulf War veterans

Manganese exposure and Parkinson’s disease


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