Experimental Genomics & Proteomics

Developing and applying large-scale approaches to understanding the genome and the proteome



Representative Projects

UCSC Splicing Microarray Database

Undergraduate Research Group: Genomic Splicing Studies

Research Stories

Scientists sequence genome of 700,000-year-old horse

Gene patent decision called step forward for open research

Genomics pioneers look to future, form global alliance for data sharing

Science Magazine celebrates the 10th anniversary of the human genome

Genome scientists gather in Santa Cruz for back-to-back meetings

Genome 10K project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing

Online tutorial guides users through the ENCODE data portal on the UCSC Genome Browser

A zoo without bars

Ancient retroviruses spurred evolution of gene regulatory networks in primates

Undergraduates tailor UCSC Genome Browser to aid malaria research

CBSE awarded $5 million grant for ENCODE data collection center

UCSC bioinformatics experts are partners in national cancer genetics project

New findings from the ENCODE project challenge established views on human genome

Haussler lab research listed among Discover Magazine's top 100 science stories of 2006

Computer algorithms for physicians promise better newborn bed-side care

Newly discovered gene may hold clues to evolution of human brain capacity

Mobile DNA part of evolution's toolbox

VisiGene feature on UCSC Genome Browser links genes to images

ENCODE meeting at UCSC furthers understanding of gene transcription

Research by Sullivan uncovers modus operandi of parasitic bacterium in insects

CBSE scientists contribute to analysis of chimp genome

Study highlights the importance of "junk DNA" in higher eukaryotes

Project to explore extreme organisms receives DOE funding

Genome centers combine forces to validate a gene set for biomedical research

New technique shows how cells interpret genetic information

High-tech movies show vivid details of living cells & detail effects of genetic mutations

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Microarray Facility

Molecular Ecology And Evolutionary Genetics Facility


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