Environmental Science

Focusing on the impact of the environment on health and the social and policy implications of advancing technology

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Coevolution and the Organization of Biodiversity

Environmental Toxicology Research

Center for Stock Assessment Research

UCSC Paleogenomics Lab

Genome 10K Project

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Molecular Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics Facility

Research Stories

International Court of Justice rules against Japanese whaling program

Emerging vector-borne diseases create new public health challenges

Lead's everlasting legacy

Social bats pay a price with new fungal disease

Lead poisoning blocks recovery of California condor population

Research team investigates biological methods to prevent bat extinction

Why letting salmon escape could benefit bears and humans

Researchers win $2 million grant to study spread of bat-killing fungus

Fulbright Scholar Program funds prof's environmental work in Chile

A zoo without bars

$2 million NIH grant funds research on climate change and mosquito-borne disease

New UCSC training program fosters ethics and justice discourse in science and engineering

Popular Science taps anthropologist Nathaniel Dominy for "Brilliant 10" issue

UCSC philosophy students win regionals in national 'Ethics Bowl' competition"

Antarctic expedition studies survival strategies of Weddell seals

Groundwater fingered as a source of methylmercury in coastal waters

Biologist John Thompson honored for contributions to ecology

Anthropologist explores plausibility of bulbs and tubers in diet of early human ancestors

Ecology, conservation, and public policy: a vision for the 21st century.

New nanostructured thin film shows promise for efficient solar energy conversion

Findings in marine mammals may hold clues for human brain health

Marc Mangel to chair special committee on seals

UCSC earns high ranking for conservation biology research

Anthropologist Nathaniel Dominy wins prestigious $625,000 Packard Fellowship

Molecular fingerprinting leads to culprit in condor lead poisoning

Insects that produce males from unfertilized eggs reveal a surprising cellular feat

High lead concentrations in cocoa may come from industrial, gasoline sources

New book on coevolution by biologist John Thompson

Survey finds silver contamination in North Pacific waters, probably from industrial emissions in Asia

Cholera research focuses on biofilm formation

Detecting depleted uranium in Gulf War veterans

Environmental toxicology of trace metals


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