Cancer Research

Bringing large-scale cancer genomics—comparative genomics algorithms and infrastructure—to gain a mechanistic, molecular-level understanding of the etiology of disease and mechanisms of resistance to treatment. Also applying molecular biology and stem cell methods to develop cancer treatments and detection methods.

Representative Projects

UCSC Cancer Genomics Hub

UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser

Global Alliance for Genomic and Clinical Data Sharing

Methylating agents and the treatment of cancer

Research Stories

Major grant funds UCSC researchers using big data to predict cancer outcomes

Gene patent decision called step forward for open research

Genomics pioneers look to future, form global alliance for data sharing

UCSC scientist attends White House ceremony honoring open science

UCSC Cancer Genomics Hub wins 2013 Innovations in Networking award 

Techonomy 2012: David Haussler and the 'digital battlefront' against cancer

Prostate cancer "Dream Team" includes UCSC bioinformatics experts 

Study reveals genomic similarities between breast cancer and ovarian cancer

UC Santa Cruz builds national data center for cancer genome research

UCSC grad students launch cancer genomics company in Santa Cruz

Decoding cancer

2011 UCSC Foundation Forum: On the front lines of the cancer war

UCSC researchers contribute to detailed ovarian cancer analysis

QB3 fellowship furthers research on hollow gold nanospheres for cancer treatment

Novel light-sensitive compounds show promise for cancer therapy

Haussler and Stuart part of breast cancer "Dream Team"

Cancer Genomics Browser gives cancer researchers a powerful new tool

Magnetic nanotags allow sensitive detection of cancer biomarkers


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