Bioinformatics, Applied Mathematics, and Biostatistics

Using computational, mathematical, and statistical approaches to probe and analyze biological data, from DNA to biological processes to healthcare systems

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UCSC Genome Browser Overview

UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser

UCSC Cancer Genomics Hub

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

UCSC Paleogenomics Lab

UCSC Splicing Microarray Database

Human Genome Project at UCSC

ENCODE Project


The UCSC Kestrel Parallel Processor

SAM Sequence Alignment and Modeling System

Storage Systems Research Center

Genome 10K Project

Research Stories

Major grant funds UCSC researchers using big data to predict cancer outcomes

Gene patent decision called step forward for open research 

Genomics pioneers look to future, form global alliance for data sharing

UCSC scientist attends White House ceremony honoring open science

UCSC provides access to encyclopedia of the human genome

Iconic Darwin finch genome sequenced in Genome 10K international collaboration

UCSC researchers contribute to detailed ovarian cancer analysis

Bioinformatics expert David Haussler awarded Oxford's Weldon Memorial Prize

Bioinformatics expert Ed Green awarded Searle Scholars grant

Bioinformatics expert Richard Green wins Sloan Research Fellowship

UCSC Genome Browser game makes DNA sequence alignments fun for all

FragSeq: a new method for gazing at the shape of a cell's RNA

Three UCSC professors elected 2009 AAAS Fellows

UCSC Genome Browser lauched for mobiles

Scientists propose a "genome zoo" of 10,000 vertebrate species

Cancer Genomics Browser gives cancer researchers a powerful new tool

Marc Mangel elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh

David Haussler named Fellow of the ISCB

QB3 and STEPS grant provides funds for high-throughput DNA sequencer at UCSC

Undergraduates tailor UCSC Genome Browser to aid malaria research

CBSE awarded $5 million grant for ENCODE data collection center 

New findings from the ENCODE project challenge established views on human genome

Extra gene copies were enough to make early humans' mouths water 

Newly discovered gene may hold clues to evolution of human brain capacity

Mobile DNA part of evolution's toolbox

Genome centers combine forces to validate a gene set for biomedical research

Gene finding with hidden Markov models

An unusual RNA structure in the SARS virus offers a promising target for antiviral drugs

Bringing life to the genome of an ancient mammal

Surprising 'ultra-conserved' regions discovered in human genome

Analysis of rat genome holds clues to mammalian evolution

UCSC Genome Browser provides portal to finished human genome sequence

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Microarray Facility

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