Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Developing and applying engineering tools for biological and biomedical research and discovery

Representative Projects

The Nanopore Project

UCSC Splicing Microarray Database

The UCSC Kestrel Parallel Processor

Advanced Integrated Electronics Research Group

Center for Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems

Implantable Glucose Sensor for Diabetes Management

Integrated Optics with Liquids and Gases, Marine Biotechnology

Undergraduate Research Group: Genomic Splicing Studies

A Virtual White Cane for the Visually Impaired

Research Stories

'Open-source' robotic surgery platform going to top medical research labs

Microscopes borrow tricks from astronomy to see deep into living tissues

New DNA sequencer uses nanopore concepts pioneered at UC Santa Cruz

UCSC's Richard Green honored for top research paper in Science

Fossil finger bone yields genome of a previously unknown human relative

Undergrad's "crazy idea" leads to a promising biotech device

Bioelectronics engineer Wentai Liu designs prostheses to change lives

New nanostructured thin film shows promise for efficient solar energy conversion

Discovery of retinal cell type ends four-decade search

Liquid-channel silicon chip technology achieves single-particle resolution

UCSC researchers achieve atomic spectroscopy on a chip

Nanopore technology proves useful for analyzing DNA-protein complexes one by one

Bill Dunbar captures mentored training award to add feedback control to nanopore DNA sequencing technology

Biosensor project attracts $1.6 million grant for UCSC researchers

David Deamer explores origins of first living cell

UCSC team reaches the finals in Nanochallenge 2005

Deamer, Akeson awarded grant for faster, cheaper DNA sequencing

DOE funds Jin Zhang for new hydrogen fuel technologies

Holger Schmidt receives grant for new sensor technology

Hand-held laser tool assists the blind

Partnership to speed development of an 'artificial retina' torestore sight

Guiding light through liquids and gases on a chip

New technique shows how cells interpret genetic information

Research to focus on devices to aid stroke victims, blind

UCSC Facilities

Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Facility

Microarray Facility

Microscopy & Imaging Facility

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility


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