Biochemistry & Biophysics

Focusing on approaches that help us understand molecular function and interactions for biomedical discovery

Representative Projects

Integrated Optics with Liquids and Gases

Molecular Motors Research

Nanopore Project

Research Stories

Study reveals key step in protein synthesis

BioMAP screening procedure could streamline search for new antibiotics

Light-induced delivery of nitric oxide eradicates drug-resistant bacteria

UCSC chemist develops spray to detect poison oak's toxic oil

Jin Zhang named Fellow of American Chemical Society

Biochemist David Deamer explores how life began in new book, 'First Life'

QB3 fellowship furthers research on hollow gold nanospheres for cancer treatment

Three UCSC professors elected 2009 AAAS Fellows

Composite nanomaterials show promise for solar hydrogen generation

Copper could be the culprit in brain disease

The origins of life at our fingertips

Nano-particles cook away cancer with laser light

Nadine Gassner receives 2010 Ellen Weaver Award for mentoring women in science

Chemistry professor Phil Crews receives outstanding faculty award

Optical tweezers pick up the ribosome beat

Nanopore project wins $1.1 million NIH grant

Discovery of gene for black coat color in dogs has broad implications

Chemical Screening Center at UCSC will search for new drugs

New light-sensing ability discovered in disease-causing bacteria

UCSC researchers achieve atomic spectroscopy on a chip

Agouti protein research offers clues to obesity, diabetes

A deeper look into the ribosome

Atomic-resolution structure of a ribozyme yields insights into RNA catalysis and the origins of life 

Bill Scott featured at Biophysical Society meeting for solving RNA ligase structure

Artificial life research and Earth's earliest life-forms

Antibiotic rifampin shows promise for fighting Parkinson's disease

Guiding light through liquids and gases on a chip

Optical glucose sensor for diabetes

Electronic dynamics of nanoparticles—ultrafast laser spectroscopy

Make this [and maybe you have a cure for cancer]

UCSC Facilities

Electron Spin Resonance Facility

Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Facility

Nanosecond Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility


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