Advancing Biomedical & Biomolecular Research


CBSE supports a vast array of biological and engineering research that is fueling biomedical advances and the biotechnology explosion. Much of this research takes place across disciplines, combining the efforts of scientists engaged in biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, engineering, and social sciences.

Stem cell research: CBSE administers the UCSC Institute for the Biology of Stem Cells

Genomics: CBSE runs the UCSC Genome Browser, a crucial resource for the international scientific community

Health science: Addressing a variety of diseases and conditions

Cancer research: CBSE runs the UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser for visualization and analysis of cancer genomics data from clinical research projects

Environmental research: Focusing on the impact of the environment on health and the social and policy implications of advancing technology

Bioengineering: Developing and applying engineering tools for biological and biomedical research and discovery 


  Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering
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For questions about the UCSC Genome Browser:

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