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Fighting Ebola with a palm-sized DNA sequencer. Ed Yong. September 16, 2015. The Atlantic.

A unique perspective on health and exercise. September 2, 2015. News Medical.

UC Santa Cruz researchers use big data to fight cancer. Ryan Masters. August 3, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Grant awarded to study mammary gland development. July 28, 2015. Feedstuffs.

UC Santa Cruz awarded $2 million for human genome variation map. Santa Cruz Sentinel. July 22, 2015.

The human genome: collaboration is the new competition. July 20, 2015. David Haussler. TEDxSantaCruz.

Why you should share your genetic profile. July 16, 2015. David Haussler. San Francisco Chronicle.

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    Share it. July 20, 2015. GenomeWeb.

UC Santa Cruz professor develops HIV vaccine. Kara Guzman. May 15, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

MC4R: New signaling pathway provides clues to obesity. January 20, 2015. Science 2.0.

New study gets to heart of exercise for deep-diving marine mammals. Samanatha Clark. January 15, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Molecular Biologist Sofie Salama: The story of jumping genes (radio interview). November 9, 2014. Robert Pollie. 7th Avenue Project, KUSP Radio.

Broad Institute, UC Berkeley and UCSC receive NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot contract. October 31, 2014. News Medical.

UCSC provides new software that lets scientists browse private genetic data. Nicholas Weiler. October 29, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Ebola precautions taken in Santa Cruz, but some say it's not enough. Jondi Gumz. October 14, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC researchers create Ebola genome browser. Kara Guzman. October 3, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Researchers race for rapid field tests to isolate Ebola patients. August 16, 2014. Marie French. The Washington Post. 

GA4GH data working group plans new modules for recently updated API, continues support for driver projects. Uduak Grace Thomas. August 8, 2014. GenomeWeb BioInform.

UCSC student honored. Kara Guzman. June 6, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Grant supports UC Santa Cruz research on cause of childhood leukemia. Denise Lee. March 17, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

California provides $40M for Stanford-led stem cell genomics center. January 29, 2014. GenomeWeb Daily News.

‘Pan-cancer’ study unearths tumours’ genetic trademarks. Heidi Ledford. September 26, 2013. Nature.

From DNA to drug treatment. Amy Coombs. July 10, 2013. Good Times Weekly.

Accord aims to create global trove of genetic data. Gina Kolata. June 5, 2013. New York Times.

UCSC up to more than bioinformatics.  Theral Timpson. June 2, 2013. Mendelspod.

Medical research must not be cut. May 9, 2013. George Blumenthal. San Francisco Chronicle.

Bacteria may protect against disease caused by stomach infection. Tim Stephens. March 12, 2013. Health Canal.

Should patients understand that they are research subjects? Jenny Reardon. March 3, 2013. SF Gate.

Historic legacy of lead pollution persists despite regulatory efforts. February 16, 2013. Phys Org.

Making mutations for longevity. Jacob Teal. December 6, 2012. City On A Hill Press.

Emerging vector-borne diseases create public health challenge. November 30, 2012. R&D Magazine.

Spray lights up the chemical that causes poison ivy rash. Joe Palca. October 15, 2012. NPR.

UCSC team joins 'Dream Team' to study prostate cancer. Rina Shaikh-Lesko. October 11, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Telethon Friday to spotlight advances in research; UC Santa Cruz scientists part of 'Dream Team'. Jondi Gumz. September 6, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Spray-on powder uses nitric oxide to fight deadly bacteria. Ellen Ferrante. August 31, 2012. LiveScience.

NCI-Led team builds petabyte-scale cancer genome data repository. Matthew Dublin. July/August 2012. Genome Web. 

Increase in Lyme disease mirrors drop in red fox numbers: study. June 18, 2012. PhysOrg.

UCSC physicist Alexander Sher named Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences. Tim Stephens. June 14, 2012. UCSC News.

UC Santa Cruz chemists develop treatment for tough infections. May 30, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

Cancer genome data center raises hope for cures. Lisa M. Krieger. May 2, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

David Haussler: The Cancer Genome Hub. Moira Gunn. January 10, 2012. Tech Nation.

Searching the sea for scum-busting cholera killers. Meghan Rosen. December 26, 2011. Wired.

Computer scientists may have what it takes to help cure cancer. David Patterson. December 5, 2011. The New York Times.

UCSC team wins award for innovation in health research. Tovin Lapan. November 6, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC researcher reveals trend in West Nile spread. Marissa Fessenden. October 23, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Is there lead in my phone case?. Rayana Godfrey. August 31, 2011. National Geographic.

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu): How much of a threat?. Linda Fugate. August 11, 2011. EmpowHER.

Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group distributes $80,000 to local groups, research projects. Kimberly White. August 4, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Marine organisms as antivirals?. Dana Burd. March 21, 2011. Good Times.

UCSC research could aid in bone marrow transplants. Tovin Lapan. January 13, 2011. San Jose Mercury News.

Genomics: When the smoke clears... Stephen J. Chanock & David J. Hunter. April 3, 2008. Nature.

UCSC researchers trace the roots of a type of muscular dystrophy. Jane Palmer. January 31, 2010. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

President announces major recovery act funding for the Cancer Genome Atlas Project. September 30, 2009. genome.gov

Engineering vision. Stephanie Pappas. 2009. Science Notes.

NCI awards $15.2 million to create Princeton Physical Sciences-Oncology Center. (search article for "Haussler"or "Pourmand") Hilary Parker. October 26, 2009. News at Princeton.

UCSC scientist finding new ways to fight AIDS. Olga Kuchment. October 8, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

AIDS vaccine promising; experts urge caution. Victoria Colliver. September 25, 2009. San Francisco Chronicle.

New photodynamic cancer therapy studied. June 18, 2009. UPI.com

UC Santa Cruz team creates tool to view cancer research data. April 10, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Key gene that protects against leukemia identified by scientists. April 9, 2009.

Ocean organisms could produce the cures of tomorrow. Jim Goldman. April 8, 2009. CNBC.

Gold nanospheres show promise in 'boiling' out cancer March 23, 2009. US News & World Report.

Medicine from the ocean floor. Amy Standen. March 20, 2009. KQED QUEST.

UC facility lets researchers chase thousands of drug leads. Mary Duan. March 18, 2009. Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

Targeted nanospheres find, penetrate, then fuel burning of melanoma. February 8, 2009. Science Daily.

Finding chemo: scanning the sea floor for new drugs. Stephanie Pappas. December 23, 2008. Wired Science.

UCSC professor creates HIV database to share valuable information. Tom Miller. May 30, 2008. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Why diving marine mammals resist brain damage from low oxygen. December 20, 2007. Science Daily.

NSF funds three major research grants. August 19, 2007. UC News Room.


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