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Fighting Ebola with a palm-sized DNA sequencer. Ed Yong. September 16, 2015. The Atlantic.

How the body’s trillions of clocks keep time. Veronique Greenwood. September 15, 2015. Quanta Magazine.

Cloned pugs are creepy, not cute. Robert Coolman. September 10, 2015. The Daily Beast.

A unique perspective on health and exercise. September 2, 2015. News Medical.

Grant awarded to study mammary gland development. July 28, 2015. Feedstuffs.

UC Santa Cruz awarded $2 million for human genome variation map. Santa Cruz Sentinel. July 22, 2015.

The human genome: collaboration is the new competition. July 20, 2015. David Haussler. TEDxSantaCruz.

Why you should share your genetic profile. July 16, 2015. David Haussler. San Francisco Chronicle.

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    Share it. July 20, 2015. GenomeWeb.

Optogenetics protein mechanics characterized. July 15, 2015. Photonics Media.

Rebooting the human genome. Antonio Regalado. June 3, 2015. MIT Technology Review.

UC Santa Cruz professor develops HIV vaccine. Kara Guzman. May 15, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Book in brief: how to clone a mammoth. Brian Switek. April 9, 2015. National Geographic.

Decoding and defeating cancer with data science. Robin Schatz. April 6, 2015. Slate Magazine.

Your genes can now be sequenced using your USB port. Joao Medeiros. April 2, 2015. Wired UK.

Marine biologist Terrie Williams on endangered monk seals and 'The Odyssey Of KP2'. Bob Kustra. February 20, 2015. Boise State Public Radio.

MC4R: New signaling pathway provides clues to obesity. January 20, 2015. Science 2.0.

New study gets to heart of exercise for deep-diving marine mammals. Samanatha Clark. January 15, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Nanopore sequencing is here to stay. Aaron Krol. December 22, 2014. BioIT World.

Molecular Biologist Sofie Salama: The story of jumping genes (radio interview). November 9, 2014. Robert Pollie. 7th Avenue Project, KUSP Radio.

As species decline, so does research funding. Terrie M. Williams. November 6, 2014. Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times.

UCSC introduces new Ebola online tool to assist vaccine efforts. Monica Jacquez. October 3, 2014. News Channel 5.

After long delays, radical nanopore sequencer finally gets into researchers' hands. Antonio Regalado. September 17, 2014. MIT Technology Review.

Wildlife energy: Survival of the fittest. Andrew Curry. September 10, 2014. Nature.

Ancient DNA could return passenger pigeons to the sky. August 29, 2014. David Biello. Scientific American.

UCSC professor searches for new type of cancer drug. August 20, 2014. Kara Guzman. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Could the mammoth make a comeback? July 27, 2014. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

UCSC appoints interim engineering school dean. June 18, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.  

Maverix Biomics, co-founded by UCSC professor, announces funding. Jondi Gumz. January 7, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Encouraged by first round findings, TCGA pan-cancer team looks to future cross-cancer studies. Andrea Anderson. October 2, 2013. GenomeWeb.

‘Pan-cancer’ study unearths tumours’ genetic trademarks. Heidi Ledford. September 26, 2013. Nature.

UCSC cancer researchers awarded grants: Funds raised by Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group. Jondi Gumz. September 30, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

From DNA to drug treatment. Amy Coombs. July 10, 2013. Good Times Weekly.

Frozen toe bone yields insight to horse evolution. David Perlman. June 27, 2013. San Francisco Chronicle.

UCSC designing social network-type model for analyzing cancer data. June 17, 2013. GenomeWeb.

"The Odyssey of KP2" by Terrie Williams. Bob Kustra. May 20, 2013. Boise State Public Radio.

Ecology, Conservation and Public Policy: A vision for the 21st Century. Marc Mangel. March 24, 2013. The Monthly.

Should patients understand that they are research subjects? Jenny Reardon. March 3, 2013. SF Gate.

Making mutations for longevity. Jacob Teal. December 6, 2012. City On A Hill Press.

UCSC scientists' new tool aids hunt for antibiotics. Rina Shaikh-Lesko. November 29, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The Human Code. Ian Evans. November 15, 2012. City on a Hill Press.

UCSC spinout Maverix Biomics launches cloud-based NGS analysis platform. Uduak Grace Thomas. November 9, 2012. Genome Web

Kevin Karplus: Grateful Dead on the outside, Stephen Hawking on the inside. Angus McMahan. November 2, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel. 

UCSC researcher Terrie Williams publishes book to raise awareness about endangered species. Romaine Fonsegrives. July 29, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

Terrie Williams: The odyssey of KP2: an orphan seal, a marine biologist, and the fight to save a species. July 11, 2012. The Diane Rehm Show.

David Deamer: 1st Life & "The Lonsdale 8". Susan Mazur. July 9, 2012. Scoop.

UCSC physicist Alexander Sher named Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences. Tim Stephens. June 14, 2012. UCSC News.

UCSC ranks third worldwide for research influence. Tovin Lapan. October 8, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz hosts art, science multimedia event in Cupertino. Marissa Fessenden. September 24, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Advanced optics that let telescopes see deep into space will help microscopes see deep inside cells. July 27, 2011. Popular Science.

Researchers cry foul on Ion Torrent license and inventors’ rights. Kevin Davies. June 27, 2011. Bio-IT World.

Professor Phil Berman dedicates career to search for an AIDS vaccine. Jon Xavier. June 3, 2011. Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal.

UCSC bioinformatic scientist receives prestigious fellowship for early career accomplishments. Claire Le Gall. Febraury 20, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Santa Cruz and its mothers of invention. Niko Kyriakou. January 13, 2011. SantaCruzPatch.

Santa Cruz nonprofits awarded $75,000. August 15, 2010. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Computer kid makes good. Elizabeth Pennisi. May 7, 2010. Science.

Four UCSC professors elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences. April 25, 2010. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Ten young geniuses shaking up science today: The tooth sleuth. Melinda Wenner. October 19, 2009. Popular Science.

UCSC to present conference on 'Genomics and Justice.' April 23, 2007. UCSC Press Release.

Winners announced for prestigious biomedical award. April 14, 2007. CBC Canada.

Fair wind blew UCSC a big donor. Alison R.G. van Diggelen. April 13, 2007. Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

UCSC recognized as a top science university. Alia Wilson. March 8, 2007. City on a Hill Press.

Engineering school launches 10th anniversary celebrations. Tim Stephens. February 26, 2007. UCSC Currents.

Joshua Stuart to receive Kalpana Chawla award from University of Colorado, Boulder.

UCSC Professors Haussler and Woosley elected to National Academy of Sciences. Tim Stephens. May 1, 2006. UCSC Currents.

Three UCSC professors elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Tim Stephens & Scott Rappaport. May 1, 2006. UCSC Currents.

Wentai Liu honored by National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. April 24, 2006. UCSC Currents.

UCSC researchers receive $1.6 million grant for biosensor project. Tim Stephens. March 29, 2006. UCSC Press Release.

UCSC gene researcher Joshua Stuart awarded prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship.

Optical aspirations (Melissa Jurica). February 2006. HHMI Bulletin.

Darwin's warm pond theory tested. Rebecca Morelle. February 13, 2006. BBC News.

UCSC team reaches the finals in Nanochallenge 2005. Tim Stephens. December 5, 2005. UCSC Currents.

Ask the expert: David Deamer anwers questions about artificial life research and how it relates to Earth's earliest life-forms. October 21, 2005. NOVA ScienceNOW.

New book on coevolution by biologist John Thompson. September 26, 2005. UCSC Currents.

UCSC will get training grant from California stem cell institute. Tim Stephens. September 19, 2005. UCSC Currents.

Biologist Melissa Jurica earns prestigious grant from Searle Scholars Program. Tim Stephens. April 13, 2005. UCSC Press Release.

Biochemist Harry Noller recieves 2004 Massry Prize. Tim Stevens. November 29–December 5, 2004. UCSC Currents Online.

Two UCSC professors elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Tim Stephens. October 28, 2004. UCSC Press Release.

Two faculty members selected by Howard Hughes Medical Institute for appointment as new investigators. Tim Stephens. May 15, 2000. UCSC Currents Online.


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