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Molting elephant seals recycle mercury back into California seawater. Samantha Clark. September 18, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Book in brief: how to clone a mammoth. Brian Switek. April 9, 2015. National Geographic.

Marine biologist Terrie Williams on endangered monk seals and 'The Odyssey Of KP2'. Bob Kustra. February 20, 2015. Boise State Public Radio.

New study gets to heart of exercise for deep-diving marine mammals. Samanatha Clark. January 15, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Team led by UCSC researchers reconstruct genome of bird, crocodile ancestor. Nicholas Weiler. December 11, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Alluring yeast, gastropod genomics. Matt Davenport. November 10, 2014. Chemical & Engineering News.

As species decline, so does research funding. Terrie M. Williams. November 6, 2014. Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times.

Wildlife energy: Survival of the fittest. Andrew Curry. September 10, 2014. Nature.

Ancient DNA could return passenger pigeons to the sky. David Biello. August 29, 2014. Scientific American.

Could the mammoth make a comeback? July 27, 2014. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

Passenger pigeon extinction not caused solely by humans, researchers say. Sarah C. P. Williams. June 17, 2014. AAAS. 

UCSC graduate student discovers hidden consequence of fires. June 7, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel. 

Reawakening extinct species. Gabriela Quirós. April 22, 2014. KQED QUEST.

The mammoth cometh. Nathaniel Rich. February 27, 2014. The New York Times.
UC Santa Cruz scientists sell Hawaiian monk seal toys to fund research. December 16, 2013. Kara Guzman. Santa Cruz Sentinel.
With ban on lead in hunters’ bullets, California hopes to protect condors. Lenny Bernstein. October 20, 2013. The Washington Post.
(Transcript of the interview). Mary Gearin. June 28, 2013. ABC News.

Frozen toe bone yields insight to horse evolution. David Perlman. June 27, 2013. San Francisco Chronicle.

Extinct species revival raises hopes, fear. Lisa Krieger. June 7, 2013. Stuff.

African clawed frog spreads deadly amphibian fungus. May 15, 2013. Jane Lee. National Geographic.

"The Odyssey of KP2" by Terrie Williams. May 20, 2013. Bob Kustra. Boise State Public Radio.

Ecology, Conservation and Public Policy: A vision for the 21st Century. Marc Mangel. March 24, 2013. The Monthly.

Ban on lead bullets pushed for all hunting in California. Paul Rogers. February 19, 2013. San Jose Mercury News.

Historic legacy of lead pollution persists despite regulatory efforts. February 16, 2013. Phys Org.

Saving monk seals: UCSC professor works to save a marine species by uncovering its secrets. Bryan Boysen. October 5, 2012. City on a Hill Press.

Jonathan Trent: Energy from floating algae pods. September 25, 2012. Ecology Global Network.

Ground finch genome sequenced to honor Darwin, tell finches apart. Ian Chant. August 17, 2012. Geeko System.

UCSC researcher Terrie Williams publishes book to raise awareness about endangered species. Romaine Fonsegrives. July 29, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

Terrie Williams: The odyssey of KP2: an orphan seal, a marine biologist, and the fight to save a species. July 11, 2012. The Diane Rehm Show.

Environment: Lead ban is no silver bullet for condor survival. Deborah Sullivan Brennan. June 25, 2012. North County Times.

Increase in Lyme disease mirrors drop in red fox numbers: study. June 18, 2012. PhysOrg.

NASA wants to launch floating algae farms. Kevin Bullis. April 11, 2012. Technology Review.

TEDxSantaCruz: Terrie Williams--The biology of big. January 13, 2012. Youtube.

Algae experiment may be 'game changer'. Erin Loury. November 22, 2011. The Herald.

Hawaiian monk seal returns to islands from California. Audrey Mcavoy. November 1, 2011. Deseret News.

Anything but sluggish. Dan Woo. October 25, 2011. Good Times.

UCSC researcher reveals trend in West Nile spread. Marissa Fessenden. October 23, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

'Smart collar' in the works to manage wildlife better. Kirk Johnson. August 29, 2011. New York Times.

TEDx marks the spot. Tessa Stuart. June 6, 2011. SantaCruzWeekly.

Algae eyed to clean Chesapeake Bay. Timothy B. Wheeler. September 26, 2010. The Baltimore Sun.

A Zoo Without Bars. August 26, 2010. Science Notes 2010. (Podcast)

10K Genomes project to create vertebrate genome zoo. interview with Eric Green & Adam Felsenfeld. November 18, 2009. NHGRI.

UCSC scientists find mercury in coastal groundwater at Elkhorn Slough. Joel Hersch. June 10, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Algae bags. Sam Carana. April 30, 2009. Gather News.

Ecology, conservation, and public policy: a vision for the 21st century. (Includes video) March 2009. The Monthly, Australian Politics, Society & Culture.

Step 1 in curbing mercury emissions: Find their source. Moises Velasquez-Manoff. October 29, 2008. Christian Science Monitor.

Why diving marine mammals resist brain damage from low oxygen. December 20, 2007. Science Daily.

NSF funds three major research grants. August 19, 2007. UC News Room.

Lead in bullets threatens recovery of condor. Peter Aldhous. February 28, 2007. New Scientist.

Go deep: Marine mammal marker for at-sea monitoring. Gabriel Hugh Elkaim, Eric B. Decker, Guy Oliver, Brent Wright. August 1, 2006. GPS World.

John Thompson named president-elect of American Society of Naturalists. June 5, 2006. UCSC Currents.

Albatross study shows regional differences in ocean contamination. Tim Stephens. April 4, 2006. UCSC Press Release.

Major grants fund research on California steelhead and Antarctic krill. Tim Stephens. February 13, 2006. UCSC Currents.

Grad student honored for work on trace metal contaminants in San Francisco Bay. Emily Saarman. November 7, 2005. UCSC Currents.

High lead concentrations in cocoa may come from industrial, gasoline sources. October 3, 2005. Environmental Health Perspectives.

New book on coevolution by biologist John Thompson. September 26, 2005. UCSC Currents.

Survey finds silver contamination in North Pacific waters. March 30, 2005. Science Daily.


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