UCSC Cancer Research In The News

Kidrageous brings awareness to childhood cancer. Ryan Masters. September 20, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz researchers use big data to fight cancer. Ryan Masters. August 3, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The human genome: collaboration is the new competition. July 20, 2015. David Haussler. TEDxSantaCruz.

Why you should share your genetic profile. July 16, 2015. David Haussler. San Francisco Chronicle.

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    Share it. July 20, 2015. GenomeWeb.

Decoding and defeating cancer with data science. Robin Schatz. April 6, 2015. Slate Magazine.

Internet of DNA. Antonio Regalado. February 18, 2015. MIT Technology Review.

Quoted: on sharing and not sharing genetic information. Levi Sumagaysay. February 18, 2015. SiliconBeat.

Broad Institute, UC Berkeley and UCSC receive NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot contract. October 31, 2014. News Medical.

UCSC genomics center awarded $11 million NIH grant. Kara Guzman. October 9, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Paperwork, not algorithms the biggest challenge for large bioinformatics projects, says David Haussler, UCSC. Ayanna Monteverdi. August 28, 2014. Mendelspod.com. 

UCSC professor searches for new type of cancer drug. August 20, 2014. Kara Guzman. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Don't judge every tumor by its tissue, scientists say. August 8, 2014. Julia Rosen. Los Angeles Times.

UCSC student honored. Kara Guzman. June 6, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Grant supports UC Santa Cruz research on cause of childhood leukemia. Denise Lee. March 17, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Big data. Joel Hersch. January 15, 2014. Good Times Weekly.

UCSC researcher leads cancer's digital revolution. Patricia Waldron. January 2, 2014. San Jose Mercury News.

UCSC researcher leads cancer's digital revolution. Patricia Waldron. December 25, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year: David Haussler. November 15, 2013. YouTube.

UC Santa Cruz team one of six winners in DREAM challenge for cancer researchers. Jondi Gumz. November 11, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Canadian and US leaders in cancer research announce a big data challenge to develop robust methodologies for predicting cancer mutations. November 7, 2013. Business Wire.

Hitachi supports UCSC cancer sequencing with storage system, funding. November 4, 2013. GenomeWeb.

Encouraged by first round findings, TCGA pan-cancer team looks to future cross-cancer studies. Andrea Anderson. October 2, 2013. GenomeWeb.

‘Pan-cancer’ study unearths tumours’ genetic trademarks. Heidi Ledford. September 26, 2013. Nature.

UCSC cancer researchers awarded grants: Funds raised by Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group. Jondi Gumz. September 30, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

CENIC, Internet2 connect at 100 gigabits per second to ensure global research and innovation in California and worldwide. July 25, 2013. Fort Mill Times.

From DNA to drug treatment. Amy Coombs. July 10, 2013. Good Times Weekly.

Accord aims to create trove of genetic data. Gina Kolata. June 5, 2013. New York Times.

Medical research must not be cut. May 9, 2013. George Blumenthal. San Francisco Chronicle.

Why data is the key to better medicine—and maybe a cure for cancer. Derrick Harris. November 27, 2012. GigaOM.

Another science: a new approach to an old problem. Rina Shaikh-Lesko. November 13, 2012. Out of the Fog.

Techonomy 2012: David Haussler of UC Santa Cruz on cancer research. November 12, 2012. Techonomy.

UCSC grad students launch cancer genomics company in Santa Cruz. October 24, 2012. Times Publishing Group, Inc.

UCSC team joins 'Dream Team' to study prostate cancer. Rina Shaikh-Lesko. October 11, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Telethon Friday to spotlight advances in research; UC Santa Cruz scientists part of 'Dream Team'. Jondi Gumz. September 6, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

NCI-Led team builds petabyte-scale cancer genome data repository. Matthew Dublin. July/August 2012. Genome Web. 

Cancer genome data center raises hope for cures. Lisa M. Krieger. May 2, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

DNA sequencing, without the fuss. Robert F. Service and Elizabeth Pennisi. March 25, 2012. Science.

Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress 2012: Personal cancer genomics. David Haussler. April 21, 2012. FORA.tv.

David Haussler: The Cancer Genome Hub. Moira Gunn. January 10, 2012. Tech Nation.

Computer scientists may have what it takes to help cure cancer. David Patterson. December 5, 2011. The New York Times.

UC Santa Cruz forum touts personalized medicine for cancer care. Marissa Fessenden. October 21, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group distributes $80,000 to local groups, research projects. Kimberly White. August 4, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC researchers contribute to detailed ovarian cancer analysis. June 29, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Towards the 15-minute genome. March 10, 2011. The Economist.

Genome data to become more affordable. Kate Newton. February 10, 2011. The Dominion Post.

UCSC research could aid in bone marrow transplants. Tovin Lapan. January 13, 2011. San Jose Mercury News.

NCI awards $15.2 million to create Princeton Physical Sciences-Oncology Center. (search article for "Haussler"or "Pourmand") Hilary Parker. October 26, 2009. News at Princeton.

President announces major recovery act funding for the Cancer Genome Atlas Project. September 30, 2009. genome.gov

New photodynamic cancer therapy studied. June 18, 2009. UPI.com

UC Santa Cruz team creates tool to view cancer research data. April 10, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Gold nanospheres show promise in 'boiling' out cancer March 23, 2009. US News & World Report.

Key gene that protects against leukemia identified by scientists. April 9, 2009. ZAMP Bionews.

UCSC symposium celebrates new stem cell center. Michael Torrice. February 26, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Targeted nanospheres find, penetrate, then fuel burning of melanoma. February 8, 2009. Science Daily.

Finding chemo: scanning the sea floor for new drugs. Stephanie Pappas. December 23, 2008. Wired Science.


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