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Beacon project cracks the door for genomic data sharing. Aaron Krol. August 14, 2015. BioIT World. 

UC Santa Cruz researchers use big data to fight cancer. Ryan Masters. August 3, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz awarded $2 million for human genome variation map. Santa Cruz Sentinel. July 22, 2015.

The human genome: collaboration is the new competition. July 20, 2015. David Haussler. TEDxSantaCruz.

Why you should share your genetic profile. July 16, 2015. David Haussler. San Francisco Chronicle.

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    Share it. July 20, 2015. GenomeWeb.

Rebooting the human genome. Antonio Regalado. June 3, 2015. MIT Technology Review.

Internet of DNA. Antonio Regalado. February 18, 2015. MIT Technology Review.

Quoted: on sharing and not sharing genetic information. Levi Sumagaysay. February 18, 2015. SiliconBeat.

UCSC Genomics Institute receives $1 million grant. Kara Guzman. January 13, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Community-wide effort aims to better represent variation in human reference genome. Uduak Grace Thomas. December 18, 2014. GenomeWeb.

Geneticists begin tests of an Internet for DNA. Antonio Regaled. December 17, 2014. MIT Technology Review.

Alluring yeast, gastropod genomics. Matt Davenport. November 10, 2014. Chemical & Engineering News.

Molecular Biologist Sofie Salama: The story of jumping genes (radio interview). November 9, 2014. Robert Pollie. 7th Avenue Project, KUSP Radio.

UCSC provides new software that lets scientists browse private genetic data. Nicholas Weiler. October 29, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC genomics center awarded $11 million NIH grant. Kara Guzman. October 9, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

After long delays, radical nanopore sequencer finally gets into researchers' hands. Antonio Regalado. September 17, 2014. MIT Technology Review.

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. Interview with David Haussler. Roberto V. Zicari. September 4, 2014. ODBMS Industry Watch.

GA4GH data working group plans new modules for recently updated API, continues support for driver projects. Uduak Grace Thomas. August 8, 2014. GenomeWeb BioInform.

Participatory biology. June 26, 2014. Forbes.

California provides $40M for Stanford-led stem cell genomics center. January 29, 2014. GenomeWeb Daily News.

Getting to know the new reference genome assembly. (search for UC Santa Cruz) Aaron Krol. January 27, 2014. BioIT World. 

Big data. Joel Hersch. January 15, 2014. Good Times Weekly.

Maverix Biomics, co-founded by UCSC professor, announces funding. Jondi Gumz. January 7, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz team one of six winners in DREAM challenge for cancer researchers. Jondi Gumz. November 11, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Canadian and US leaders in cancer research announce a big data challenge to develop robust methodologies for predicting cancer mutations. November 7, 2013. Business Wire.

Hitachi supports UCSC cancer sequencing with storage system, funding. November 4, 2013. GenomeWeb.

Accord aims to create global trove of genetic data. Gina Kolata. June 5, 2013. New York Times.

UCSC spinout Maverix Biomics launches cloud-based NGS analysis platform. Uduak Grace Thomas. November 9, 2012. Genome Web

New DNA encyclopedia shows complex inner workings. September 5, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

NCI-Led team builds petabyte-scale cancer genome data repository. Matthew Dublin. July/August 2012. Genome Web. 

Updated tutorials on UCSC Genome Browser now availableMay 2, 2012. Digital Journal.

Cancer genome data center raises hope for cures. Lisa M. Krieger. May 2, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress 2012: Personal cancer genomics. David Haussler. April 21, 2012. FORA.tv.

Trouble at the text mine. Richard Van Noorden. March 7, 2012. Nature News.

High-tech reboot. Ingfei Chen. February, 2012. HHMI Bulletin.

David Haussler: The Cancer Genome Hub. Moira Gunn. January 10, 2012. Tech Nation.

DNA sequencing caught in deluge of data. Andrew Pollack. November 30, 2011. The New York Times.

Top 7 in Evolutionary Biology. (Assemblathon paper by Dent Earl, Haussler laboratory ranks 3rd). Jef Akst. November 29, 2011. The Scientist.

Assemblathon 2 challenges Informatics experts with vertebrate genome data, two sequencing platforms. June 7, 2011. GenomeWeb.

David Haussler: Human genome pioneer David Haussler talks about the evolving role of annotated data repositories. March 9, 2011. Nature Biotechnology.

Genome databases suffer from the human touch. Melissa Lee Phillips. February 16, 2011. Nature News.

Q&A: David Haussler on using pathway infrence to gain insight into molecular alterations in cancer. June 18, 2010. genomeweb.

Gene finding with hidden Markov models. Karen Heyman. March 28, 2005. The Scientist.

Simulated Shades of Jurassic Park? Kevin Davies. June 8, 2010. Bio-ITWorld.com.

Outgrowing its computer science roots, UCSC bioinformatics group moves to new dept. Volume 7, number 40; October 20, 2003. Bioinform (see page 3).

Bioinformatics experts gain ground in protein sequence analysis. April 21, 2003. UCSC Currents.

UCSC computer scientists find success predicting protein structures. Tim Stephens, February 15, 1999. UCSC Currents.

The sequence master. Robert Irion, Summer 1997. UCSC Review.


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