UCSC Bioengineering & Biotechnology in the News

Fighting Ebola with a palm-sized DNA sequencer. Ed Yong. September 16, 2015. The Atlantic.

Optogenetics protein mechanics characterized. July 15, 2015. Photonics Media.

Rebooting the human genome. Antonio Regalado. June 3, 2015. MIT Technology Review.

UC Santa Cruz professor develops HIV vaccine. Kara Guzman. May 15, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Book in brief: how to clone a mammoth. Brian Switek. April 9, 2015. National Geographic.

Your genes can now be sequenced using your USB port. Joao Medeiros. April 2, 2015. Wired UK.

UCSC Genomics Institute receives $1 million grant. Kara Guzman. January 13, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Nanopore sequencing is here to stay. Aaron Krol. December 22, 2014. BioIT World.

After long delays, radical nanopore sequencer finally gets into researchers' hands. Antonio Regalado. September 17, 2014. MIT Technology Review.

GA4GH data working group plans new modules for recently updated API, continues support for driver projects. Uduak Grace Thomas. August 8, 2014. GenomeWeb BioInform.

UCSC engineering lab awarded $2.28M grant. August 5, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

NIH awards $14.5 million to fund new sequencing technologies. August 4, 2014. GenomeWeb.

UCSC alum designs affordable desktop digital router. July 9, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC student honored. Kara Guzman. June 6, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Grant supports UC Santa Cruz research on cause of childhood leukemia. Denise Lee. March 17, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Nanobiopsy technique can extract materials from cell without killing it. Amy Stewart. January 19, 2014. All Voices.

UCSC scientist seeks origins of life. Brendan D. Bane. June 4, 2013. Santa Cruz.

UCSC up to more than bioinformatics.  Theral Timpson. June 2, 2013. Mendelspod.

New single virus detection techniques for faster disease diagnosis. May 30, 2013. Fort Mill Times.

UCSC spinout Maverix Biomics launches cloud-based NGS analysis platform. Uduak Grace Thomas. November 9, 2012. Genome Web

UC Santa Cruz chemists develop treatment for tough infections. May 30, 2012. San Jose Mercury News.

Search for pore-fection. Elizabeth Pennisi. May 4, 2012. Science Magazine.

DNA sequencing, without the fuss. Robert F. Service and Elizabeth Pennisi. March 25, 2012. Science.

Researchers win grant to explore commercial potential of sensor technology. Tim Stephens. March 22, 2012. UCSC News.

UK-based company unfurls new technology to sequence whole strands of DNA. Tanya Lewis. February 25, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz forum touts personalized medicine for cancer care. Marissa Fessenden. October 21, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

NHGRI funds development of revolutionary DNA sequencing technologies. August 22, 2011. NIH News.

Vertebrate evolution occurred in genetically distinct epochs. August 19, 2011. Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Advanced optics that let telescopes see deep into space will help microscopes see deep inside cells. July 27, 2011. Popular Science.

Researchers cry foul on Ion Torrent license and inventors’ rights. Kevin Davies. June 27, 2011. Bio-IT World.

TEDx marks the spot. Tessa Stuart. June 6, 2011. SantaCruzWeekly.

Professor Phil Berman dedicates career to search for an AIDS vaccine. Jon Xavier. June 3, 2011. Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal.

UCSC creates UC's first robot major. David Goll. April 12, 2011. Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal.

Towards the 15-minute genome. March 10, 2011. The Economist.

Genome data to become more affordable. Kate Newton. February 10, 2011. The Dominion Post.

Tiny silicon chip uses quantum physics to slow light down. Sandeep Ravindran. January 14, 2011. Wired.

UCSC research could aid in bone marrow transplants. Tovin Lapan. January 13, 2011. Mercury News.

Nanopore sequencing takes more small steps. Kevin Davies. December 3, 2010. Bio-IT World.

DARPA grant enables development of biological and chemical threat detector. December 1, 2010. R&D Magazine.

Physicists use graphene to decode DNA. December 1, 2010. EurekAlert.

Voices: What's next in science (David Haussler). Carl Zimmer. November 9, 2010. New York Times.

UCSC researcher works on solar cell innovation. Tovin Lapan. November 6, 2010. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

How the eye wires up. Adam Mann. October 6, 2010. Nature.

Popular Mechanics Posts 2010 BREAKTHROUGH Awards. (Wentai Lui receives one.) September 28, 2010. The Gadgeteer.

Paper shows enzyme-controlled movement of DNA polymer through a nanopore. September 26, 2010. PhysOrg.

Rubidium vapor slow light photonics chip. Wesley Roberts. September 5, 2010. Tech Fragments.

Rise of the helpful machines: A robo-surgeon that does the work of two doctors. July 26, 2010. Popular Science. (Navigate to Page 8)

Electronic DNA sensing and ion torrent systems. Kevin Davies. February 11, 2010. Bio-IT World.

Top of the class. Elizabeth Limbach. January 6, 2010. Good Times Santa Cruz.

Engineering vision. Stephanie Pappas. 2009. Science Notes.

NASA envisions "clean energy" from algae grown waste water. November 24, 2009. Disclose.tv

UCSC extends sequencing services to external labs, looks to improve protocols, lower costs. Bernadette Toner. October 27, 2009. genomeweb.

NCI awards $15.2 million to create Princeton Physical Sciences-Oncology Center. (search article for "Haussler"or "Pourmand") Hilary Parker. October 26, 2009. News at Princeton.

UCSC research offers clues for treating blood-related diseases. Olga Kuchment. October 23, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Research group wins $1.1M award to study DNA sequencing. Liz Kersjes. October 16, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC scientist finding new ways to fight AIDS. Olga Kuchment. October 8, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

AIDS vaccine promising; experts urge caution. Victoria Colliver. September 25, 2009. San Francisco Chronicle.

Ames bioengineering scientist establishes GREEN team. Ruth Marlaire. September 23, 2009. NASA Ames.

UCSC professor awarded millions to study AIDS vaccine. Liz Kersjes. September 10, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

New photodynamic cancer therapy studied. June 18, 2009. UPI.com

Second Genesis: Life, but not as we know it. Bob Holmes. March 11, 2009. NewScientist.

Targeted nanospheres find, penetrate, then fuel burning of melanoma. February 8, 2009. Science Daily.

UCSC grant funds new bioanalysis tech. January 27, 2009. Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal.

Oxford Nanopore licenses single-molecule DNA-sequencing tech from Harvard, others. Ben Butkus. August 6, 2008. Biotech Transfer Week.

Creating life in the lab. Jeneen Interlandi. July 7, 2008. Newsweek.

Next-generation artificial retina focuses on clinical trials. R. Colin Johnson. June 26, 2008. EETimes.com.

Interview: David Deamer explains synthetic life. Andrew Plemmons Pratt. February 7, 2008. Science Progress.

New nanostructured thin film shows promise for efficient solar energy conversion. January 10, 200. Science Daily.

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    Challenging silicon's grip on solar. Massie Santos Ballon. February 6, 2008. Cleantech. [offline]

Discovery of retinal cell type ends four-decade search. Hugh Powell & Tim Stephens. October 10, 2007. UC Santa Cruz Press Release.

NSF funds three major research grants. August 19, 2007. UC News Room.

Refining glucose monitors. (Bakthan Singaram) Colin Stewart. July, 12 2007. Orange County Register.

Gas scanned on silicon chip. JR Minkel. June 4, 2007. Scientific American.

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    Atomic chips. David Bradley. June 15, 2007. Sciencebase.

Santa Cruz scientists make fluorescent mushroom chemicals. Aaron Rowe. May 23, 2007. Wired Science.

Linking together the origins of life. Sarah Everts. March 19, 2007. Chemical & Engineering News.

RNA at Santa Cruz. Mirella Bucci. January 2007, vol. 3, no.1. Nature Chemical Biology.

Biomedical sensors benefit from biodefense efforts (mentions Holger Schmidt). Kathy Kincaid. July 1, 2006. Laser Focus World.

Atomic-resolution structure of a ribozyme yields insights into RNA catalysis and the origins of life. Tim Stephens. July 20, 2006. UCSC Press Release.

Stem cell expert Irving Weissman to speak at UCSC on Thursday, May 11. Tim Stephens. May 1, 2006. UCSC Currents.

Insects that produce males from unfertilized eggs reveal a surprising cellular feat. April 24, 2006. UCSC Currents.

UCSC researchers receive $1.6 million grant for biosensor project. Tim Stephens. March 29, 2006. UCSC Press Release.

Is this life? Jack Lucentini. The Scientist January 2006, 20(1):30. Wallace Baine. April 15, 2006. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Researchers engineering better technologies for the blind. Amy Coombs. November 27, 2005. San Francisco Chronicle.

UCSC receives funding for training grants from stem cell institute. Tim Stephens. April 10, 2006. UCSC Press Release.

UCSC will get training grant from California stem cell institute. Tim Stephens. September 19, 2005. UCSC Currents.

Hand-held laser tool assists the blind. February 2005. Laser Focus World.

Antibiotic rifampicin shows promise for fighting Parkinson's disease in laboratory tests. Tim Stephens. December 6, 2004. UCSC Currents Online.

Researchers guide light through liquids and gases on a chip, a major step forward for optical sensing technology . Tim Stephens. October 18, 2004. UCSC Press Release.

UCSC researchers join in new partnership to speed development of an 'artificial retina' to restore sight. Tim Stephens. October 14, 2004. UCSC Press Release.

Optical glucose sensor developed at UCSC holds promise for diabetics and intensive care patients. Tim Stephens. March 16, 2004. UCSC Press Release.

Research on cholera bacteria focuses on biofilm formation. Tim Stephens. March 8, 2004. UCSC Currents Online.

Nanopore analytical instrument developed by UCSC's new Department of Biomolecular Engineering. February 21, 2004. nanotechwire.com.

New retinas for old. Gayle Ehrenman. October 2003. Mechanica Engineering.

Make this [and maybe you have a cure for cancer]. Linley Erin Hall. 2002. Science Notes.


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