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Recent news

Obama initiative likely to tap the bioinformatics lab of David Haussler '75. Connecticut College. March 19, 2015.

Marine biologist Terrie Williams on endangered monk seals and 'The Odyssey Of KP2'. Bob Kustra. February 20, 2015. Boise State Public Radio.

Internet of DNA. Antonio Regalado. February 18, 2015. MIT Technology Review.

Quoted: on sharing and not sharing genetic information. Levi Sumagaysay. February 18, 2015. SiliconBeat.

Dan David Foundation to award three prizes of $1 million to six world renowned laureates. Judy Siegel-Itzkovich. February 10, 2015. The Jerulsalem Post.

MC4R: New signaling pathway provides clues to obesity. January 20, 2015. Science 2.0.

New study gets to heart of exercise for deep-diving marine mammals. Samanatha Clark. January 15, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC Genomics Institute receives $1 million grant. Kara Guzman. January 13, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Nanopore sequencing is here to stay. Aaron Krol. December 22, 2014. BioIT World.

Community-wide effort aims to better represent variation in human reference genome. Uduak Grace Thomas. December 18, 2014. GenomeWeb.

Geneticists begin tests of an Internet for DNA. Antonio Regaled. December 17, 2014. MIT Technology Review.

UC trumps Stanford in pushing entrepreneurship, QB3 head says. Stephanie M. Lee. December 14, 2014. SF Gate.

Team led by UCSC researchers reconstruct genome of bird, crocodile ancestor. Nicholas Weiler. December 11, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Alluring yeast, gastropod genomics. Matt Davenport. November 10, 2014. Chemical & Engineering News.



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