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Recent news

Surfin’ Staches brings wackiness to Cowell Beach to raise funds for mens health research. Nicholas Ibarra. November 20, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Santa Cruz proves an incubator for genomics technology. Laurel Hamers. November 4, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC research review day highlights engineering achievements. Laurel Hamers. October 14, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Kidrageous brings awareness to childhood cancer. Ryan Masters. September 20, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Molting elephant seals recycle mercury back into California seawater. Samantha Clark. September 18, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Fighting Ebola with a palm-sized DNA sequencer. Ed Yong. September 16, 2015. The Atlantic.

How the body’s trillions of clocks keep time. Veronique Greenwood. September 15, 2015. Quanta Magazine.

Cloned pugs are creepy, not cute. Robert Coolman. September 10, 2015. The Daily Beast.

A unique perspective on health and exercise. September 2, 2015. News Medical.

Beacon project cracks the door for genomic data sharing. Aaron Krol. August 14, 2015. BioIT World. 

UC Santa Cruz researchers use big data to fight cancer. Ryan Masters. August 3, 2015. Santa Cruz Sentinel.


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