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Recent news

How being ignored helped a woman discover the breast cancer gene. Audie Cornish. March 27, 2014. All Things Considered, NPR.

Grant supports UC Santa Cruz research on cause of childhood leukemia. Denise Lee. March 17,2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Our first view into the "blackout zones" of the human genome. Karen Miga. March 6, 2014. Scientific American.

Global genomic data-sharing effort kicks off. Ewen Callaway. March 6, 2014. Nature.

The mammoth cometh. Nathaniel Rich. February 27, 2014. The New York Times.

Maverix Lands $100,000 order from University of Missouri for 99 lives cat whole genome sequencing initiative. January 29, 2014. PR Newswire.

California provides $40M for Stanford-led stem cell genomics center. January 29, 2014. GenomeWeb Daily News.

Getting to know the new reference genome assembly. (search for UC Santa Cruz) Aaron Krol. January 27, 2014. BioIT World. 

Big data. Joel Hersch. January 15, 2014. Good Times Weekly.

The scientist as a rebel: a tribute to Freeman Dyson on his 90th birthday. (search article for "Haussler"). Benny Peiser. January 4, 2014 (originally published March 14 2007). Canada Free Press.

Nanobiopsy technique can extract materials from cell without killing it. Amy Stewart. January 19, 2014. All Voices.

Maverix Biomics, co-founded by UCSC professor, announces funding. Jondi Gumz. January 7, 2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC researcher leads cancer's digital revolution. Patricia Waldron. January 2, 2014. San Jose Mercury News.

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