UCSC celebrating DNA Day

Monday, April 25, 2016

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 A celebration of our common identity in all its myriad, unique, & individual expressions.

What’s DNA DAY? DNA Day is a national holiday honoring the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953, as well as the accomplishment of the Human Genome Project in 2003. UC Santa Cruz celebrates this special day by offering many recreational opportunities to engage in the latest advancements of genomic research and explore how this research may impact our lives.

FeaturingSammy the Slug with DNA Fans

  • The double-human helix dance (at 12:30 pm)—in a very loose representation of DNA, 46 dancers representing the four different nucleotide bases of the DNA molecule (A, C, G, and T) will combine in a chemically appropriate manner, traverse the courtyard, and then unzip.
  • Banana slug genome project
  • Student research poster session—talk with researchers and learn about the illustrious history of the UCSC Genome BrowserExtract DNA from strawberries
  • Genomics at UCSC table--learn about the CBSE Research Mentoring Institute (RMI) and other campus activities and groups related to genomics
  • Free swag—DNA temporary tattoos, stickers, etc!



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