If banana slugs had voice boxes, they would have had plenty to shout about during the 2011-2012 year.

This year, members of the UCSC community searched distant galaxies, watched the arrival of peregrine falcon chicks, added their research and perspectives to important scholarly journals, took part in a massive outbreak of the Hokey Pokey, engaged in hands-on learning on and off campus, and did their part to make the world just a bit more Sluglorious than before.

From the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame to cancer research to its ranking as one of the top "young" universities in the world, UCSC stood in the spotlight during the year that will end with commencements this weekend.

One step forward: advancing knowledge, increasing possibilities

In divisions ranging from the sciences to the humanities to theater arts, Slugs took bold steps forward this year:

And the winner is…

Call us different, call us relevant…

Creativity is part of the Slug genome, along with having a social conscience and finding new ways of learning.

  • Consider the level of support for a scholarship honoring the memory of alumnus Gabe Zimmerman, who dedicated his career to public service.
  • Or savor the new partnership of Bonny Doon Vineyard founder and proud Slug Randall Grahm and the UCSC Arts Division, featuring a specially bottled wine with a label designed by undergraduate Louise Leong, an Irwin Scholarship recipient.
  • UCSC alumna Bridgette Auger followed women activists in Egypt’s Tahrir as they came under fire during a clash between protesters and police. Auger, who received her Master's degree in Social Documentation from UCSC earlier this year, shot video footage of the incident, which can be seen on the Daily Beast web site.
  • In this eclectic place, undergraduates trained “pirate” robots to pelt each other with ping-pong balls in a class run by electrical engineering professor Gabriel Elkaim, students examined political events by peering into their own lives under the guidance of noted feminist studies professor Bettina Aptheker, and headed to the woods in search of viruses that infect bacteria as part of a class conducted by Manuel Ares, a professor of molecular, cell, and developmental biology at UCSC. Read about them here.
  • UCSC also refurbished and expanded its beloved McHenry Library, which was rededicated this year. A new café along with a more comfortable vibe turned the library into a full-fledged cultural center and gathering place in the redwoods.
  • While celebrating a 45-year milestone for the campus’s own radio station, KZSC, students recalled its renegade roots and those whose careers were launched in its tree-house headquarters.

Speaking out loud…

Many outspoken and articulate Slugs were out there engaging in public conversations and adding to the creative landscape.