RMI Scholars

Sponsored by the CBSE Research Mentoring Institute with funding from the National Human Genome Research Institute (NGHRI)

CBSE RMI Fellowships and Awards in Genomic Science

The CBSE Research Mentoring Institute (RMI) is an academic research training  and professional development program for UCSC students who are interested in genomic science, the application of genomic knowledge, and it’s implications for today’s world. RMI awards support undergraduate scholars and graduate fellows  who are pursuing careers in genomic sciences and related fields. In addition to supporting scientific research, RMI awards support projects addressing the ethical, legal, and social implications of genome research.


Sonia Arevalo
Emily Berry 
Edward Cabral 
Regina Chavez 
Elvira Contreras 
Nicole Coppage
Laci Hampton
Oscar Hernandez
Claudia Mariella Lavarreda-Pearce
Tiffany Lopes
Emilia Lopez
Jose Loza
Katrina Luna
Britney Martinez
Nicole Milner 
Rene Moreno 
Israel Murguia 
Dafne Ochoa 
Busola Oluwole 
Rocio Ramos 
Matt Riese 
Christopher Robles 
Alexis Rojas 
Alex Salazar
Santiago Salazar 
Lucy Silva 
Christine Sinclair
Geoffrey Slaughter
Cynthia Smith
Marcia Soriano
Shewit Tekeste
Alexander John Yambao


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