Events and Classes at UCSC

Events & classes related to genomic, biomedical, and bioethical research at UCSC: 

Science and Justice Working Group
The Science and Justice Working Group brings together UCSC faculty and graduate students from the arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, and physical and biological sciences-to promote interdisciplinary conversations and exchange. We expand UCSC's historical focus on social justice to include questions about the formation of science and technology and related public-policy debates.

Santa Cruz RNA Club
Meets throughout the academic year for presentations by researchers from UCSC and other universities and companies.

Stem Cell Journal Club
This journal club meets throughout the academic year to discuss current research in stem cell science. It is open to anyone who is interested in stem cell research.

UCSC Course Offerings

The Human Genome, Biology 80H
This course focuses on understanding human genes, is accessible to non-science majors, and covers principles of human inheritance and techniques used in gene analysis. It explores the evolutionary, social, ethical, and legal issues associated with knowledge of the human genome.

Brave New World: Ethical Issues In Genetics, Philosophy 145
Study the ethical issues involved in recent and upcoming advances in genetic research and technology, such as genetic engineering, cloning, human embryo research, genetic experimentation, use of an individual's genetic information, and the manipulation of human evolution. This class also discusses fundamental issues such as the moral responsibility of scientists, our obligations to future generations, and the notion of human perfectibility.

Bioinformatics Seminar, Biomolecular Engineering 280B
This nine-week series features researchers from industry and academia covering emerging topics in bioinformatics and genomics.

Bioethics in the 21st Century: Science, Business, and Society, Biomolecular Engineering 80G

Guest speakers and the instructors lead discussions of major ethical questions that have arisen from research in genetics, medicine, and the industries supported by this knowledge.


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