Resources for Educators

This resource list includes tutorials, informative websites, and other lists of resources.


Mentee Assessment (.pdf)

Mentoring: Learned, Not Taught (.pdf)

Mentoring 101 Workshop 2013 (.pdf)

RMI Mentor Guidelines (.pdf)

Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend
Free Online Acess from the National Academies Press OpenBook Project

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

myIDP - Science Careers

Planning Career Paths for Ph.D.s

Individual Development Plans - NIH

Genome Education

Genetic and Genomic Education Portal - NHGRI
Information on the HGP, DNA fact sheets, talking glossary of genetic terms, and careers.

Genetic Education Modules for Teachers - NHGRI
These teaching resources include specific teaching plans to present the history, facts and genetic terminology behind the Human Genome Project.

DNA Kit Activities - NHGRI
Activities appropriate to specific grade levels 

Teachers Guide to Presenting Course Content - NHGRI
Tips for speaking to high school students

Exploring Our Molecular Selves - NHGRI
Downloadable multimedia content

Bioethics Resources - NHGRI

American Society of Human Genetics Evolution Series
Includes essays on various topics including genetic variation

Omics Gateway -

Human Genome Project Information Archive - DOE

DNA from the Beginning - CSH
An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity

Educational Resources List from American Society of Human Genetics

NIH Science Education Nation
Linking working scientists with K-12 classrooms

Your Genes, Your Choices: Exploring the Issues Raised by Genetic Research - AAAS
An open-source online book by Catherine Baker

UCSC Genome Browser

Genome-Related Popular Movies

Jurassic Park (1993) Directed by Steven Spielberg, Universal Studios, rated PG-13

GATTACA (1997) Directed by Andrew Niccol, Columbia Pictures, rated PG-13

Godsend (2004) Directed by Nick Hamm, Lions Gate Films, rated PG-13.

Multiplicity (1996) Directed by Harold Ramis, Columbia Pictures, rated PG-13.


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